The goal of the Indie Author Seminars is to bring top publishing experts
and indie authors to speak on the core subjects that new authors, or
authors launching a new project, need to know about the 2017 market.

Kathleen Kaiser, producer of the 805 Writers' Conference and president of
the Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network designed the sessions with
this goal in mind, selecting the speakers from professionals she has
worked with or met at conferences and workshops.

Kathleen has also collected spreadsheets and handouts from top publishing pros
like Jane Friedman who are allowing her to distribute these at the seminars.

Each seminar will be rich with handouts and, within a week of the event,
a free podcast so you can review and listen again to the speakers.

PLUS: two free books to help along the journey on editing and marketing.

Click the seminar title to learn more.

SEMINAR ONE: Budgeting, Editing, and Book Production

SEMINAR TWO: Marketing and Sales